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Financial gurus have got to give brunch a break.

No one goes broke from avocado toast.

Yet, so many personal finance experts have us convinced it’s our overindulgence in avocado toast and lattes that’s keeping us from paying off debt, buying a home, raising a family and enjoying basically anything without a well of financial anxiety bubbling behind an Insta-perfect smile.

This isn’t about the price of avocados.

It isn’t about our unwillingness to clip coupons or endure jobs we’re not passionate about.

We’ve been googling how to make a budget while our education is defunded, the labor of parents is devalued, and employers legally discriminate on the basis of gender, race and ability — and we’re ashamed of the debt that got us through college, feeds our children or affords us the “luxuries” necessary to compete with white men in the workplace.

An abundance of personal finance advice would have you believe prosperity is just on the other side of that Google search: Learn the right answers, do the right things, be rich.

The problem? They don’t know you.

Work and money are universal issues we each experience uniquely — and we don’t talk about the nuances enough. Conventional advice ignores the “unique” part. At Healthy Rich, we shine a big, bright spotlight on it.

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Created by Dana Miranda, CEPF®

I’m a Certified Educator in Personal Finance® (CEPF®) and a personal finance journalist. I’m passionate about supporting freelancers, entrepreneurs and other folks exploring self-employment, especially those who face barriers and biases in traditional employment.

My approach to financial education lends an antidote to pervasive budget culture, a damaging set of beliefs that rewards restriction and deprivation, and promotes an unhealthy and fantastical ideal of financial wellness.

I grew up in a working-class family in a small town in Wisconsin. When I joined the ranks of personal finance media in 2015, I found the niche led mostly by advice (and admonitions) from middle class white men, ignoring the broad diversity of our relationships with work and money. After leaving a leadership position with a popular financial media startup and spending two years as a freelance writer, I created Healthy Rich to start a new kind of conversation about money.

I’m a regular contributor to Forbes Advisor, Personal Finance Insider and The Penny Hoarder, and I’ve written about work and money for Culture Study, the New York Times, CNBC, The Motley Fool, NextAdvisor, and a column for Inc. Magazine, among others.

I operate on a fundamental belief that work should be fun, and money should be easy.

Personal finance gurus have mucked up our relationship with money through the proliferation of budget culture — and I’m forging a way out. My mission is to break free from that paradigm and make money better. For everyone.

Through Healthy Rich classes and content, I avoid giving directives about the “right” way to manage money, because I know no way is right for everyone. Instead, I use this platform to make space for diverse perspectives on work and money to help you discover which moves make sense for you.

Healthy Rich helps you discover the value of your perspective, skills and mindset to choose the work and life you want — and start enjoying brunch again. 😉

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Dana Miranda
entrepreneur and personal finance educator