I’m a financial educator and small business owner in rural Wisconsin. I write about how capitalism impacts the ways we think, teach and talk about money.

Through Healthy Rich, I host a new kind of conversation about money, inviting voices we don’t hear enough in the personal finance space, including women, BIPOC, LGBTQ+, rural, working class and disabled people. You’ll hear from me and from other writers and thinkers who are questioning and exploring their relationships with money beyond the status quo.

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I grew up in a working-class family in a small town. When I started writing for personal finance media in 2015, I found the niche led mostly by advice (and admonitions) from middle-class white men, ignoring our broad diversity and the systemic impacts on our relationships with money. After leaving a leadership position with a financial media startup and spending two years freelancing for sites chasing affiliate dollars and Google’s algorithm, I started Healthy Rich to change the way we talk about money.

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My approach to personal finance lends an antidote to budget culture, the prevailing set of beliefs around money that relies on restriction, shame and greed.

I’m experimenting with a budget-free approach, which examines common budget culture maxims — and explores ways to do money better without them.

I don't prescribe an alternative "right" way to manage money, because I know no way will ever be right for everyone. Instead, I explore how our financial systems work and make space for diverse perspectives so you can discover what makes sense for you. I trust the value of your wisdom to choose your next move; I’ll make space to help you tap into to it.

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In addition to my work on Healthy Rich, I’m writing a book, due out in 2024 with Little, Brown Spark: YOU DON’T NEED A BUDGET organizes the explorations you’ll find in this newsletter and lays out in-depth (with worksheets! and activities!) a budget-free approach to money.

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Essays about how capitalism impacts the ways we think, teach and talk about money.


Neurospicy bisexual passing for a nice Midwest lady. Advice columnist at Dear Penny. Contributor to Business Insider, Kiplinger, Forbes. Rural Democrat. 📘YOU DON’T NEED A BUDGET out Dec. 24!
Voices we don’t hear enough in personal finance media, including women, BIPOC, LGBTQ+, rural, working class, people with disabilities and more.