No one goes broke from avocado toast

This is a new kind of conversation about money.

Healthy Rich is a platform for inclusive, budget-free financial education by Dana Miranda, CEPF®.

Through my platform for educators, I work with organizations dedicated to making money better for folks who are often left out of the conversation. Through this newsletter, we make space for those voices to share stories that highlight the diversity of our relationships with money — all written by folks we don’t hear from enough in personal finance media, including women, BIPOC, LGBTQ+, rural, working class and people with disabilities.

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We all have unique relationships with work and money.

You’re welcome here, whether you earn a six-figure salary, get by gig to gig, work for tips, pay bills with unemployment or Social Security checks, are saddled with unpaid caretaking or domestic work, work in middle management, run a small business, manage a nonprofit, or cover everything with credit cards or student loans.

Healthy Rich is a place for everyone to get in touch with their relationship with money and discover ways to manage it with ease.

Our approach to financial education lends an antidote to pervasive budget culture, a damaging set of beliefs that rewards restriction and deprivation, and promotes an unhealthy and fantastical ideal of financial wellness.

We reject budget culture, because we know budgeting doesn’t work.

We don’t prescribe one “right” way to manage your money, because no way is right for everyone. Instead, we make space for diverse perspectives to help you discover what makes sense for you. We know the value of your wisdom to choose your next move, and we’ll be beside you as you do it.

At Healthy Rich

you don’t need a budget

there are no debt-free screams

we won’t teach you to be rich

and you can buy the damn latte.

In a healthy rich world, we don’t have to earn spending through productivity, saving or debt payoff; we aren’t obsessed with mathematical optimization; we don’t apologize for spending money, having debt or using community resources; we don’t presume to know what’s a “need” versus a “want” — and we’ll never tell you not to buy it either way.

We’re smart and kind, but we’re not perfect. We know no one can ever fully understand anyone else’s experience, and we know we all swim in a fishbowl of biases. We’ll get everything wrong. We’ll admit our mistakes, apologize for our impact and keep moving forward together.

Work and money are universal issues we each experience uniquely — and we don’t talk about the nuances enough. Budget culture ignores the “unique” part. At Healthy Rich, we shine a big, bright spotlight on it.

Thanks for being part of this new kind of conversation about money!


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  • Course blueprints: Our signature budget-free framework makes it simple to provide participants with personal finance fundamentals.

  • Support for educators: Member-only virtual events, training and customized consultations help facilitators teach personal finance with confidence, clarity and care.

  • Team training: Through one-time and ongoing support, I help personal finance educators wade through the vast resources available and get confident teaching this complex subject.

  • Community workshops: I partner with national and local organizations to deliver virtual or in-person workshops on personal finance fundamentals for their communities.

  • Custom course design: I design and build a personal finance course for your organization, so your facilitators can just show up and teach.

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Who we are

Created by Dana Miranda, CEPF®

I’m a Certified Educator in Personal Finance® (CEPF®), author and personal finance journalist. I operate from a fundamental belief that work should be fun and money should be easy.

I grew up in a working-class family in a small town in Wisconsin. When I joined the ranks of personal finance media in 2015, I found the niche led mostly by advice (and admonitions) from middle-class white men, ignoring the broad diversity of our relationships with work and money. After leaving a leadership position with a popular financial media startup and spending 2 1/2 years as a freelance writer, I founded Healthy Rich to change the way we talk about money.

I’m the author of the forthcoming YOU DON’T NEED A BUDGET: How Toxic Budget Culture Ruined Your Relationship With Money—And How To Fix It, where I get to spend a whole book diving deep into the ills of budget culture and lay out in-depth the EASY approach to budget-free money management.

I’ve also written about work and money for Forbes, Business Insider, The Penny Hoarder, Culture Study, the New York Times, CNBC, The Motley Fool, NextAdvisor and Inc. magazine, among others.

💗 Thanks to our team and contributors

Jessica Lawlor, blog editor

Carson Kohler, blog writer

Stefan Davis, graphic designer, audio/video editor

Farrah Daniel-Bermudez, writing contest judge

Illustrations by Katelyn Valentine

Photos of Dana by Heather Comparetto

And keep an eye out for all of our contributors to the Healthy Rich blog — their bios and links are at the top of each post! Like, follow and comment to let them know how their stories impact you.


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Our schools deserve better than Dave Ramsey.

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Inclusive, budget-free financial education. Sharing stories that illuminate the diversity of our relationships with money, all from voices we don't hear enough in personal finance media, like BIPOC, women, LGBTQ+ and people with disabilities.


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