10 Personal Finance Blogs by and for LGBTQ Folks

mel van de graaff Jan 30, 2022
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Personal finance looks different for everyone. That’s why folks in the LGBTQ community need financial advice tailored to us. Heteronormative financial advice doesn’t always apply to many of us.

That’s why we’re so grateful for these voices in queer finance.

Here are some of our favorite LGBTQ personal finance blogs.

The Avocado Toast Budget

So many personal finance sites seem to be run by people who haven’t struggled with money in years. It doesn’t feel like they understand the struggles you’re going through, and that takes the power out of their advice.

Lexa VanDamme at The Avocado Toast Budget isn’t like that. She created the blog after finding herself maxed out on credit card debt and loans and constantly feeling broke. Through ATB, she helps fellow millennials stop living paycheck to paycheck or in fear of money.

The Avocado Toast Budget is great for anyone who feels exhausted trying to make every moment of their lives productive and follow the “rules” of personal finance.

Bitches Get Riches

Kitty and Piggy run a blog and podcast called Bitches Get Riches that’s loved for its blunt humor and advice for life and money. Their content is aimed at a feminist audience who’s tired of playing by the rules of traditional gender stereotypes.

This blog is for folks who are done listening to old white men telling them what to do and how to live their lives. The site includes a hefty blog of financial advice, a BGR podcast and a Patreon page with AMAs, merch and fun community perks for fans.

BT Financial

BT Financial is more than a personal finance blog. It’s financial business planning by and for the LGBTQ community.

Brian Thompson created BT Financial to serve mission-driven LGBTQ entrepreneurs and help them make the most of their business assets to achieve their professional dreams. Brian helps entrepreneurs use their values as guideposts for meeting their financial goals.

Having more LGBTQ owned businesses means more representation in all areas of life. All sorts of people successfully run businesses, and for many, it’s one of the best ways to increase financial mobility.


Daylight is an LGBTQ owned banking platform led by Rob Curtis, Billie Simmons and Paul Barnes-Hoggett. The crew founded the company around the idea that a community that has $1 trillion spending power shouldn’t have half of its members struggling to reach life financial goals.

Daylight’s platform is designed for LGBTQ folks and allies who want a financial institution that aligns with their values and unique financial needs. In partnership with Dana Media (creator of Healthy Rich) Daylight’s online magazine runs content on financial education, LGBTQ history and more.

Debt Free Guys

David and John are a gay couple dedicated to helping other gay couples live fabulously. They aren’t like many of the savvy financial gurus out there. These two guys created Debt Free Guys after admitting they had $51,000 in credit card debt and feeling like they’d reached rock bottom.

Debt Free Guys is made for gay couples who might feel inadequate or fearful around money. David and John’s blog and companion podcast, “Queer Money,” helps allies and LGBTQ folks to own up to their financial situation and work through it in an empowered way.

Firebird Finance

  • Creator: Emily, engineer and financial coach
  • Best for financial independence
  • A post we love: Health Is Wealth: Part One, Part Two

Emily runs Firebird Finance for anyone who’s overwhelmed by the state of their finances. She shares tips and advice she and her wife are using to achieve financial independence. Together, they’re planning their family’s life together and working toward financial independence.

The resources at Firebird Finance were created with the idea that financial independence means different things for everyone. It might mean starting your own business. Or it might include investing. Firebird Finance acknowledges these goals and shares guidance for anyone starting side hustles and seeking financial independence.

Gay Husbands on Fire

Gay Husbands on Fire is an Instagram account run by anonymous couple G and J. They live in New York City while planning to retire sometime in the next decade. In the past four years, they’ve combined their finances and paid off $100,000 in student loans.

This account is for anyone who prefers their financial advice to come in bite-size pieces on social media, and wants to see what a couple’s journey to financial independence looks like from start to finish.

I Like to Dabble

Daniella from I Like to Dabble started her blog as a way to help LGBTQ folks and allies start side hustles to achieve their financial goals.

Let’s be real: There are a ton of sites on starting a side hustle. But most of them don’t factor in the unique challenges that most LGBTQ individuals face when trying to get into business. ILTD helps folks in our community find a safe way to improve financial mobility.

Out and Out

Harlan Vaughn is a queer content creator who talks about travel, finance and the power of positivity. Out and Out’s personal finance section is dedicated to financial independence and how it can empower you to live the life of your dreams.

Out and Out is a great example of a queer content creator who travels with the freedom his financial independence has brought him.

Ride Free Fearless Money

Hadassah Damien has worn many hats, and at Ride Free Fearless Money, she puts her chops as an accredited asset management specialist to us to offer strategic financial advice.

Hadassah created Ride Free as a testament to the importance of knowing what obstacles you face and how to overcome them. As a queer woman, she developed Ride Free as a Certified LGBT Business Enterprise, and she offers courses and coaching to help folks in the community and allies figure out their own money.

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