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21 Personal Finance Blogs for Women Who Want to Earn Money, Pay off Debt and More

delilah gray Jan 19, 2022

As women, we deal with a lot — to put it bluntly. Something so many people neglect to teach us at a young age is how to reach our financial goals.

From a healthy money mindset to spending habits, we’re taught none of it. Schools taught us so much but neglected one of the biggest aspects of being an adult. Luckily many women have responded to this neglect and taken financial education into their own hands. 

From debt-payoff tips to stories of reaching financial goals, we’ve rounded up some of the best personal finance blogs for women. Check out our picks below!


The Ellevest magazine is a go-to personal finance site built for women, by women. Launched in 2015 to support the investing platform of the same name, Ellevest contains a plethora of articles, workshops and tools on subjects ranging from wealth management to money coaching. 

Articles in the magazine are from a range of writers. The site also features a personal blog from Ellevest CEO Sallie Krawcheck called Sallie's Blog, where she talks about everything from investing to career trends.

The Financial Diet

The Financial Diet is a website for career, finance and lifestyle advice. From a wide array of vetted writers and experts, TFD posts daily content all about creating and living your best life. Basically, if it's about money, even loosely, TFD will cover it. 

Chelsea also hosts a podcast called The Financial Confessions, where she interviews experts and people who've overcome financial struggles.

Frugal Living NW

Frugal Living NW is the saving grace for so many mothers looking to save every penny necessary so they can live big while paying little. Even if you’re not a mother, Angela Davis’s radar for useful deals, reviews and homemaking tips appeals to anyone looking to save a few bucks. 

Angela posts multiple times a week without fail and keeps the dialogue both fun and educational. The site includes pages dedicated to popular stores such as Costco and Nordstrom, specifically to help readers find the best money-saving deals at their favorite stores.

Clever Girl Finance

If you've been looking for a new go-to site for everything finance, Clever Girl Finance may be the one. From car buying tips to the ever-so underreported racial wealth gap issues, this site covers every base. 

Clever Girl Finance isn’t afraid to discuss underreported topics like the racial wealth gap, financial motivation and even real estate — all in an easily accessible way. If you're new to the world of finance, Clever Girl Finance makes it easy.

Frugal Friends Podcast

If you like to listen to financial advice rather than reading about it, subscribe to the iconic Frugal Friends podcast. Jack and Jill are so yesterday, it's time to listen to a fun, financial podcast run by frugal-living experts Jen and Jill. 

In weekly episodes — 200 and counting — the duo talk about the nitty gritty of savings, debt payoff and other topics.

Girlfriend’s Budget!

Literally, this site has just about everything you'd need: from side hustle advice to entrepreneurial tips to being the badass woman you are. Girlfriend's Budget! is run by powerful women of color who want to see other women succeed in every facet of their lives. 

Along with a regular blogging experience, the team offers a financial wellness program and kits to help with any financial problem: a starter kit, money management templates and credit repair. Plus, member forums help you go even more in-depth.

Golden Girl Finance

Referred to as both honest and reliable, Golden Girl Finance is a personal finance site for Canadian women looking to take charge of their financial situations. Whether it be investing, personal finance, retirement, philanthropy or the psychology of money, this site teaches women how to take charge of their money.

The Millennial Money Woman

If you have a goal: The Millennial Money Woman has you covered. Right from its home page, it wants to know: What kind of financial freedom do you want? The site covers investing, making money, managing money and (literally) becoming a millionaire. From there, you're taken to a world of blog posts and tools to help you achieve your wildest money goals, all in a simple yet educational layout.

My Fab Finance

Focused on the needs of millennial and Gen Z women, My Fab Finance is a personal finance site from entrepreneur Tonya Rapley. Expats write about how to become financially free. From loans or medical bills or finance books for kids, My Fab Finance is a leading blog and go-to site for women everywhere who don't know where to start on their journey to financial freedom.

The Female Professional

  • Founder: Sanjana Vig MD, MBA, physician anesthesiologist and financial expert
  • Best for personal stories for inspiration
  • A post we love: 50 Investment Terms, Decoded

The Female Professional is a blog dedicated to women who want to live a well-rounded life, with a focus on finances. In their words, "Women empowering women is a powerful place to be." — and it definitely is. 

The site syndicates a plethora of how-to's and listicles for women in need of financial advice, focusing on the hurdles and adversity many women have faced in their financial journeys. From huge hurdles to learning new financial habits, The Female Professional includes stories and tips for all.

Erin Gobler

Trusted writer and educator, Erin Gobler provides a little corner of the internet for millennial women to learn how to pay off debt, cultivate side hustles and reach their optimal financial goals. 

Not only does Erin provide a fully comprehensive blog, she offers a list of recommended money tools that she trusts to help her readers achieve their goals. Safe to say, many millennial women trust Erin with what to do next to become a better financial guru themselves.

Budget Like a Lady

Wealth coach Nicole Butler helps professional women of color achieve their financial goals by providing actionable steps to make the most of any financial circumstances. Budget Like a Lady offers a blog of financial advice, as well as a plethora of spreadsheets and external help to achieve any financial goal. 

Since 2020, Nicole hasn't posted as regularly as she used to, but the blog’s archives offer countless pages of tips for money management, saving and more.

Budgets Made Easy

Financial extraordinaire Ashley Patrick made Budgets Made Easy for moms looking to pay off debt. Whether you're a mom in need of savings strategies, money management tips or debt advice, Ashley has just about everything you could need. She also hosts The Money Mindset Podcast, which covers more of her financial expertise in around 25-minute segments.

Bella Wanana

Created by finance expert Bella Wanana, this personal finance website is all about keeping things easy and fun. Bella writes about a plethora of subjects in the money world, from passive income opportunities to reviews of popular financial apps you're skeptical about trying. 

The blog has grown a cult following among women looking to, in Bella’s words, "embrace a balanced, fulfilling life" in a fun and educational setting.

And Then We Saved

This isn't just a blog. And Then We Saved is an experience. The blog is just the tip of the iceberg, full of valuable insight and tips on the intricacies of personal finance. Whether you're single, in a relationship or have a family, Anna helps you navigate any financial situation that may arise. Along with a comprehensive blog, there's a debt pledge, freebies and a shop.

Penny Calling Penny

Penny Calling Penny is a personal finance blog with a range of content designed to help you earn more money and spend less to work toward financial freedom. The site is owned and managed by Bhopal, India–based Bhawna Shantanu Balchandani and her husband and co-founder Shantanu Suresh Balchandani.

Women Who Money

Women Who Money is the money bible for the working woman. Whether it's retirement planning or improving your overall financial wellbeing, chances are, there's a handful of super handy articles on the subject. 

The cool thing about WWM is that it ranks its articles from “novice” to “advanced” so you can find guidance based on how much of a financial expert you already are. Whether you're a novice or a financial guru yourself, WWM can probably answer your questions. All of the articles are written by vetted writers and experts, so readers are always getting trustworthy advice.

Afford Anything

Afford Anything is the brainchild of Paula Pant, an entrepreneur and former freelance writer who went all-in on the site in 2015. Along with a team of teachers and content creators, Paula hosts a blog of personal finance, lifestyle and entrepreneurship advice; a podcast of advice and Q&As; and a course on building passive income through rental properties.

Sugar Mamma TV

For those who like a little lifestyle, a little sass and a whole lot of real-life situations in their finance blogs, Sugar Mamma may be the place for you. Financial advisor Canna Campbell posts videos and blog posts with a healthy mixture of unique financial tips and advice for living a minimalist lifestyle. 

Canna also hosts a podcast called Fireplay, where she gives unique tips for "investing in a more mindful future" for yourself, with episodes on money mindset and inspiring interviews.

Bitches Get Riches

This financial hub is sass, class and a side of wacky. Bitches Get Riches is quickly growing in popularity for its blunt humor and advice for women everywhere on how to get their lives and finances in order. They talk about a wide range of financial subjects, from money mindset to debt advice.

The site includes a hefty blog of financial advice, a BGR podcast and a Patreon page with AMAs, merch and fun community perks for fans.

Flow Financial Planning

Flow Financial Planning is a financial planning firm for early- to mid-career women in tech. In their words, “We focus on women in their early to mid-career because this is when so much is happening! Changing jobs. Changing careers. Buying a home. Getting married. Having babies. Existential crises.”

The Flow FB blog offers answers to questions about these common financial situations and more. They're basically your wise best friend, or fairy godmother, helping you through this leg of your journey.

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Delilah Gray is the weekend editor for SheKnows and a freelance writer who has written from Cosmopolitan to Insider.

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