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Great ideas! I suspect I am older than most of your readers but I wish I had your language and thinking in my head decades ago. I thought I would add a few more ideas:

1) Invest in the life you want to live NOW. That may be a condo or a full-on homestead on acreage but if space and place aren't an option yet, then invest time and energy in skills that will help you become resilient: growing food, preserving food,and herbal medicine for self care.

2) Taking care of your body is an important factor in your financial decisionmaking. In the US, aging is a profitable industry; health "care" costs more and more each year if you outsourcing your wellness to the profit-oriented advice provided by our medical system.

3) Create a clear end-of-life directive, especially if you have some wealth accumulated and would rather that it stay wtih your loved ones. Without a directive, the medical community can keep you "alive' for a long time.

4) Keep a mininium of 1k in cash for disaster situations.

5) Retire early, live simply, reduce your consumption, grow food and medicine and simply be present. Absolutely the best decision I made in my 64 years.

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I like the idea of a Comfort Fund v an Emergency fund. I've never called mine an Emergency fund but rather a Rainy Day one. I like Comfort even better though.

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"Almost no one should be actively trading stocks." Spot-on!

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