You don’t have to work the way you always have.

Freelancing offers a different way to approach work that gives you autonomy, flexibility and access to opportunities traditional jobs don’t offer.

Join us Friday, Sep. 30 for How to Start Freelancing, to learn the exact steps to set yourself up financially, professionally and emotionally to start freelancing — whether you want a career change or a side gig to make a little extra money.










In this live interactive session, you'll learn:

  • How freelancing and self-employment help you bust through barriers and bias in the traditional workforce.
  • The mindset that makes a successful freelancer.
  • Ways to make money freelancing in your chosen field.
  • Steps to prepare your finances and your lifestyle for the shift to freelancing.


  • See case studies of successful freelancers.
  • Design your personalized Exit-to-Freelance Plan.

The live class happens at 12 p.m. Eastern on Friday, Sep. 30. Can’t make it live? You’ll have access to the recording and all class materials after the session.

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Freelancing can be a freeing and empowering path for so many workers — but we know it can be tough to figure out where to start. It’s easy to get stuck in a job or life you hate because you feel like you don’t have other options.

You always have other options.

We’ll show you how to add ease and joy to your life by designing the job or career that’s just right for you.

Whether you’re brand new to your industry or a seasoned pro, this class is the first step to strike out on your own!

This class is perfect for you if you’re:

  • Interested in exploring a new craft (like writing, design or coding).
  • Well into your career but unhappy with your job.
  • Tired of working on someone else’s terms.
  • Looking for a way to make extra money.
  • Working full time and want to add a side gig.
  • Retired and want to earn extra money or explore a new skill.
  • Looking for a flexible way to earn money around caretaking responsibilities.
  • Ready for a career transition.
Register now $60
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Your instructor

Dana Miranda is a Certified Educator in Personal Finance® and founder of Healthy Rich. Dana’s been a professional writer for more than a decade, including more than six years freelancing. In 2021, she earned more than $150,000 through niche freelance writing — but that came after several years of trial and error, including living on about $12,000 a year in the early years. She’s passionate about supporting freelancers, entrepreneurs and other folks exploring freedom in work, and wants to help you skip the Starving Freelancer years by starting with a solid plan.

BOGOGO: BUY one, GET one, GIVE one

(i.e. we’ve got bonuses!)

Bonus #1: Land Your First Freelance Gig

We want to offer you all the support we can on this journey — so when you register for the live session of How to Start Freelancing before Sep. 30, you’ll also get access to our step-by-step email course, Land Your First Freelance Gig.

This self-guided course walks you through each step to book your first business as a freelancer.

Lessons will land in your inbox weekly to keep you moving forward.

Land Your First Freelance Gig normally costs $60, but we’re throwing it in for free to make sure you take the steps you commit to in your live session — we’ve got your back!

Bonus #2: Gift the class to a friend for free

It’s our mission at Healthy Rich to bring inclusive, budget-free financial education to more people — and that starts with the people you care about most.

When you register for the live class, in addition to the BOGO deal, we’re throwing in something extra special: GIVE one away. You’ll get to gift one class registration to another aspiring freelancer totally free.

Help change the course of someone’s career and life.

You know that freedom, ease and joy you’re dreaming of in your new life as a freelancer? Imagine giving that to someone in your community. Imagine starting down this path with a buddy by your side!

When you gift this class to a friend, they’ll get full access to the live class and recording, including the bonus e-course!

tl;dr: What You Get When You Register

$240 value

Here’s what you get when you sign up for How to Start Freelancing before Sep. 30:

  • Interactive live session ($60)
  • FREE access to Land Your First Freelance Gig ($60)
  • Invite a friend to the live session for FREE ($60)
  • Give a friend FREE access to Land Your First Freelance Gig ($60)
Your price: $60

Note: We’ll sell the recording after September, but the bonuses won’t be included after the live class, so sign up before Sep. 30 to get the most out of your registration!