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10 Personal Finance Blogs by and for People with Disabilities and Chronic Illness

aaliyah williams Apr 03, 2022

More than 1 billion people worldwide, 15% of the world’s population, are a part of the disability community, according to the World Health Organization, but personal finance from a disability perspective still lacks visibility. People with disabilities deserve to have their voices heard and need access to content that centers on their unique challenges that able-bodied writers and educators may not understand.

That’s why we’re thrilled to share these blogs that share personal finance advice for people with disabilities.

1. Disabled Girl On Fire 

Many personal finance blogs may focus on frugal living, but few specifically dive into managing finances when you’re a Social Security disability benefits recipient. That’s where Tami Mitchell’s Disabled Girl On Fire comes in. 

When Tami started to receive Social Security disability at the young age of 24, she quickly realized her approach to finances needed to be tailor-made to her circumstances. After revamping her money management skills to fit her abilities and limited income, she successfully became a homeowner without risking her disability benefits. 

Now she shares her invaluable financial advice in hopes of encouraging other folks with disabilities to also strive for financial independence and freedom.

2. I Pick Up Pennies

After being diagnosed with a rare neurological disease known as Guillain-Barre Syndrome, I Pick Up Pennies personal finance writer Abigail Perry knew she had to make sacrifices and compromises to meet her daily needs. Abigail is an expert saver and aims to live frugally, and she shares a fully transparent monthly spending post in hopes of normalizing spending for those with limited resources.

Because balance is key for Abigail, this blog is a perfect match for someone looking to boost their wealth without sacrificing their joy!

3. Unpacking Disability

Unpacking Disability with Meriah Nichols is more than a blog. It’s a place for people of all ages and abilities to commune and discuss their shared experiences on top of providing articles that touch on money management, career, navigating the health care system and a mountain of other topics. 

The site’s founder, Meriah Nichols is a deaf and neurodiverse mother of three (with one child who has Down syndrome and one child on the spectrum). It’s no wonder her site boasts a powerful mission statement: “Disability is a Big Word. Let’s Unpack & Understand It Together.”

4. A Chronic Voice

Sheryl Chan, the writer behind A Chronic Voice, is no stranger to disability. Sheryl’s lifelong lived experience with multiple chronic illnesses and auto-immune disorders has sent her on a quest to make others with disabilities feel more connected and understood. 

Sheryl’s blog acknowledges the extra challenges those with chronic illnesses may deal with by discussing mental and physical health and managing finances while having a disability.

5. Mental Health & Wealth 

Melanie Lockert created Mental Health & Wealth after experiencing her own anxietal and suicidal ideation struggles. She set out on a mission to bring awareness about the intersection of mental health and money, while simultaneously delivering killer tips to boost wealth, through the podcast and blog.

Head over to the site to hear about financial journeys from the perspective of people living with ADHD, chronic pain, bipolar disorder and more.

6. Alieshia

If you’re looking for disability-friendly personal finance content, Alieshia has you covered. Its founder, Lisa Kavaney is a personal finance content creator who’s learned how to live on tight resources. Lisa’s chronic fatigue, EDS and POTS diagnoses forced her to navigate a new set of financial challenges that are often underrepresented in personal finance. 

Lisa is determined to share the tips and tricks she’s picked up along her journey to make personal finance more accessible to people of all abilities.

7. Confined to Success

The original creator of Confined to Success battled Lyme Disease and put his heart and soul into creating a space for those with chronic disabilities to have a place that centered their needs. He sold the website to its new operator Dr. Sunny Sharma, who’s on a mission to help those with chronic illness grasp control of their financial and physical health. 

Manage your physical health while managing your wealth with the help of this unique site offering the latest work-from-home and Social Security disability tips and more.

8. Chronic Illness Bloggers

Although the blog is managed by a team of chronically-ill mothers, the creators claim it’s far from a mommy blog. Instead, Chronic Illness Bloggers is exactly as the name suggests: a blog blending the expertise and perspectives of a variety of chronic illness content creators to create a one-stop-shop for everything chronic-illness related.

This blog is an excellent hub for chronically ill-centered content that fashionistas, travelers and people looking to get a handle on their finances can enjoy. 

9. Mothering the Storm 

Lacy Estelle founded Mothering The Storm to create a community of ADHD-diagnosed mothers who can band together to uplift and educate each other with tips to thrive with ADHD. 

At the beginning of Lacy’s parenting life, she felt like a constant failure and couldn’t understand why — until she received her ADHD diagnosis. Ever since her diagnosis, she’s eagerly consumed ADHD info that has helped her better adjust to parenthood and life in general. 

Mothering the Storm shares ADHD-centered parenting, adulting and financial tips on top of facilitating an uplifting Facebook community group.

10. One Sick Vet

The creator of One Sick Vet, who writes under the name ”Crew Dog,” is a chronic illness and personal finance blogger. They’re passionate about attaining and maintaining financial independence while battling migraines, MCAS and JHS. 

“Crew Dog” gives readers an inside look at approaching their goals for financial independence, and credits their acceptance of their limitations as the boost they needed to shape a dream life.

About the author

Aaliyah Williams is a personal finance writer who is passionate about making finance accessible for people from all walks of life. She has been creating personal finance and investing content for two years.

Image by Anna Shvets via Pexels. 

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